Websites and Graphic Design For
Small & Medium Size Businesses
Peterborough, Ontario

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Graphic Design

We offer a range of essential graphic design for businesses:
  • social media graphics (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, YouTube)
  • blog graphics (Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.)
  • screen savers (for Windows®)
  • desktop backgrounds
  • logos
  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • flyers and brochures (plus copywriting if needed)
  • advertisements for print
  • advertisements for the web (standard or animated)

Everything You Need For Web & Print

We provide graphic design for both online and offline use.

Material created for use on the web (social media graphics, advertisements, etc.) can be provided in all standard formats such as .jpg, .png, or .gif.

Material intended for printing (business cards, flyers, signs, etc.) can be supplied as an .eps, .pdf, .ai, or whatever format you or your printing company require.

Considering Graphic Design In Broader Terms

Beyond your obvious marketing needs like a logo and business cards, consider how more innovative uses of custom graphics can not only help keep your image and brand consistent, but inspire prospects to remember you and contact you.

Custom graphics can create a more professional feeling within your company and even improve productivity.

Social media graphics include things like page backgrounds, headers, avatars, profile images, and other things sized properly for the site(s) you'll be using them on. Common sites where businesses have pages include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube.

Custom social media graphics can be designed not just for your business page and profile, but also for different employees or departments of your company, creating a cohesion that binds everyone and everything together. Instead of just slapping your logo into every background and profile picture, let us create proper graphics for you!

Blog graphics include similar things, such as backgrounds, header images, footer images, sidebar graphics, profile images, etc. We can quickly make graphics for any layout, theme, or template on any blog platform.

Screen savers aren't just for when your desktop or laptop computer goes idle. You can activate a screen saver at any time, which makes them perfect for things like tradeshow displays, sales calls, and privacy. Make sure your salespeople all have a copy on their laptop for that extra professional look. The same screen saver can be copied unlimited times and used on any Windows® computer.

Desktop backgrounds can be simple designs containing your logo and company colours, or some sort of collage including images, text, and/or photographs. How about a desktop with often-referenced information tucked neatly in a corner? Or maybe just a design that's easy on the eyes or otherwise helpful to what you or your employees do all day at the computer?

Logos are fundamental marketing symbols. They should be simple, distinctive, and instantly recognizable. They must be scalable to different sizes and uses. Is your current "logo" just your company name? Plain text, maybe with your initials crammed together or an underline thrown in? Let's get rid of that and make you something uniquely your own. We'll create a variety of concepts to start from.

Business cards are still commonplace and preferred by most people, despite an assortment of electronic alternatives. Make sure you are able to hand someone a good looking printed business card by having us design one that concisely, proudly, and professionally represents your company.

Letterhead is ideal if you send a lot of printed correspondence. Typically just a low-profile logo and contact information at the top or bottom, but you may also want a watermark or a more splashy look, depending on your industry.

Flyers and brochures are another standard marketing piece still used by many companies. Whether you need a classic tri-fold flyer or a large folder-style marketing package, we can lay out your content in a great looking, logical, and easy-to-read format. Copywriting is available if you'll be providing us with raw material.

Advertisements for print still have an important place, even in today's digital world. If you plan on running ads in newspapers, magazines, local publications, the Yellow Pages, or other printed media, we can prepare what you need.

Advertisements for the web can be single images or animations to attract more attention. High quality advertisements are important whether for complex targeted marketing campaigns or simple ads on local websites.

Your ads can be any standard shape or size (banner, tower, etc.) or customized to take advantage of the available space on the website(s) they'll be on. You should also consider custom graphics for your listings in business directories, because some of them allow lots of valuable room for images.

Our animated display ads work correctly on all browsers, devices, and operating systems including Apple, because we use animated .gifs instead of Flash. (Adobe admits HTML5 will replace Flash).