Websites and Graphic Design For
Small & Medium Size Businesses
Peterborough, Ontario

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Hi, I'm Jeff...

...and I build top-10-ranking

Yep, that's right.

I charge a retainer of $299
to build you a killer website...

and the rest isn't due until
your site is both...


- AND -

ranking in searches!
Jeff the web designer

"SEO = Search Engine Optimization.

It means building a website so search engines understand it in the fastest, most thorough, and most accurate way possible.

When this is done correctly it means your site ranks higher in searches, which brings you visitors.

It sounds easy, but it's a complex art and science that few web designers really understand.

It's the foundation of what I do."


Top-Ranking Website Design

Don't let your competitors get all the customers searching for what you sell!

With our top-ranking web design you get a full range of core website components, plus many vital additions:

  • research and recommend domain name
  • register your domain name
  • set up the server
  • set up custom email addresses
  • all graphic design, including logo
  • photo shoot (central Ontario, see map)
  • video shoot (central Ontario, see map)
  • photo and video editing (any material, yours or ours)
  • advanced copywriting
  • free additional design services (business cards, flyers, etc.)
  • site will look and work the same on all web browsers
  • top-10 ranking on Google for relevant searches
  • ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) to retain top-10 ranking
  • site must be maintained by us ($279/year) to guarantee ranking
  • first year of hosting is included free

Ready To Take Your Share Of The Market?

Business websitesThis is a premium business package that gives you the combination of high quality web design, graphic design, hosting, and ongoing website & server updates.

It is this full-service in-house approach that allows me to build great websites that stay ranked high on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Two Step Success

Building a top-ranking website requires a series of fairly straightforward steps, and without getting into too much detail, it goes basically like this...

The first step is to get your home page and a few other parts of the site online. This establishes your online presence and sets the stage for the roll-out of the finished site. The overall structure of the site is determined, the server is set up, and other essential components are put in place. This foundation is very carefully researched and planned.

The second step is the addition of remaining pages and adjusting the site in terms of looks. This is typically when the final graphics, additional copywriting, and other enhancements to the site are added.

Of course if you have a simple website, and/or have a good idea of exactly what you want, all of this could occur in one step.

Other Details About Top-Ranking Websites

It takes roughly 30 to 60 days for Google and Bing to become aware of a new website and decide how to categorize and rank it for various search terms. The steps above take place during this timeframe in a controlled fashion.

I typically have sites live and pretty much finished within a couple of weeks or a month anyway, but it depends on the site, the industry, how much research needs to be done, etc.

This is a general overview, and we'll chat in more detail about your business, industry, customers, and prospects, then create a game plan that makes sense.

Can I "SEO" Your Existing Website?

Your website will work on all browsersWell, sort of. The solution to fix an existing website is to hire me at my regular price and I'll rebuild it, while keeping the current look or whatever you like about it. It will require as much work as a brand new site.

SEO is part of the basic fabric and underlying architecture of a website. It's not a one-time fix or technique that can be applied as an afterthought.

To properly "SEO" an existing website requires it to basically be rebuilt. It's possible that throwing a few SEO tweaks into an existing site might give it a minor ranking boost initially, but without a fundamental redesign and regular maintenance it will gradually slip back out of the search results.

Serious Inquiries Only Please

Please be aware that I'm selective about the clients I work with. If you don't have a genuinely good product or service, I probably can't help you. There's no point trying to build a first-class website for a second-rate company.


...if you have a legitimate small or medium-size business, and would like to have an amazing website built for you and your customers, drop me an email because I'd be thrilled to get you on board!